Following Your Hindu Beliefs During Dating

When your belief system is as strong as the one practiced by the Hindus it can be very difficult during the dating phase of any relationship. You are trying to accomplish two different tasks: find a dating partner and follow your religious upbringing. Sometimes the two of them conflict, especially if you attempt to date outside of your religion. It makes a big difference in dating when you a Hindu of a Protestant, for example. While some denominations do teach their followers not to consume alcohol, they are not as strict about it as the Hindus who do not believe in drinking any alcoholic beverages.

Likewise some Hindus do not eat meat, so if you are looking for Hindu singles you must remember to take this into consideration. This can be a problem even among two Hindus since they sometimes differ in the way they eat, especially if they are outside of their country of birth or were born in another country. If you are outside of Hinduism you should conduct some research on the practices and beliefs before you attempt Hindu dating. You need to know what the beliefs involve so you know whether you will be able to accept the beliefs of your dating partner.

The most important thing for the non-Hindu dating partner to understand is the Hindu belief system is very strong—do not think you can change the way your partner acts or believes. On the other hand be honest with yourself and don’t attempt to fit in where you don’t belong. If you enjoy alcohol on a regular basis or even just socially and want someone with whom to drink a Hindu is not the date for you as the consumption of alcohol is against their belief system. You have to be willing to accept those things that are forbidden and not attempt to persuade your date to violate that in which she or he believes.

For the Hindu male or female the dating process an sometimes become very difficult if the dating partner is not a Hindu. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is sexual pressure. Of course this is not just Hindus but any individual who still believes in sex only within the confines of marriage. If you think you are in the minority in your thinking you are not necessarily correct.

Just because it seems the majority of people have no problem with premarital sex does not necessarily mean they are in the majority. The same holds true for consuming alcohol—there are more people than we know who do not consume alcohol, but we only hear about those who abuse it. You have to hold true to your beliefs and not be influenced by those who are not Hindu and do not understand or accept your beliefs. It can be very difficult to follow your Hindu beliefs during dating, but you can make it easier if you join a Hindu online dating site and find another Hindu to date.


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